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NIMH MEG Core Facility

National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland


Welcome to the NIMH MEG Core Facility website. Here you can find information ranging from local operations of the lab, to general topics on the analysis of MEG data, including software available for download.


Latest News

  • New - Try out our new option for customer support: the MEG Slack Workspace. Anyone with an e-mail can join, contact to sign up with a different e-mail
  • New - Request Staff Support for MEG Scans -- In addition to requesting support for Scans, new users can use this form to submit a request for MEG Lab Orientation. If requesting an orientation, please provide general availability.
  • Coming Soon MEG Basics for Clinical Staff - what you need to know when you provide coverage in the MEG Lab for your subject/patient during a MEG scan.