NIH MEG Short Course 2018

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MEG Short Course Agenda and Handouts:

This course was held August 6 and 7, 2018 at NIH. The course files are archived below:

1. Fred Carver MEG: The Basics
2. Tom Holroyd Introduction to Source Localization
3. Stephen Robinson Instrumentation and Hardware
4. Allison Nugent Applications: What can I do with MEG?
5. Allison Nugent Data Editor and command line Preprocessing
6. Allison Nugent Placing fiducials, headmodel creation
7. Tom Holroyd Synthetic Aperture Magnetometry Workflow
8. Tom Holroyd Voxel-wise power estimates: sam_cov, sam_wts, sam_3d, and sam_4d
(Slides unavailable, but reach out to Tom for more information on this topic)
9. Fred Carver Induced power: sam_3dc
10. Allison Nugent Advanced (and potentially dangerous) topics
Support tools
  • Singularity container with the CTF DataEditor tool and the SAMsrc MEG tools running under CentOS 6.9
Singularity container megcore.img download
  • Text editors available within the container for editing shell scripts: vim, nano, gedit
Usage: singularity shell --bind /data:/mnt/data megcore.img
where the /data file system holds your CTF data set and mounts under /mnt/data inside the container
(your /home directory and the /tmp file systems are automatically visible inside the container)