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The program NIFTIPeak is designed to find the peaks in all NIFTI volumetric image files in the SAM subdirectory of a named dataset. It is similar in function to the AFNI program 3dExtrema, although NIFTIPeak was created specifically for finding peaks in images produced by SAMepi.


NIFTIPeak -r <dataset>

Other options:

-t <threshold> Threshold for peak detection, usually a Z value. Defaults to the RMS intensity
-s <size> radius of the maximum search - individual maxima must be further apart than this distance to be considered separate maxima. Default value is twice the voxel dimension.
-n <max> Maximum number of maxima reported. Defaults to 10.
-p List the power in the output file

Output Files

This outputs a single text file, giving the coordinates of each maximum, as well as the power if requested with the -p option.