External MEG Analysis Toolboxes

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External MEG Analysis Toolboxes

Many other toolboxes exist with their own pipelines for analyzing MEG data from start to finish. Some of these toolboxes have functionality not available in the SAM toolbox. Others may have a GUI interface that is easier to use. Most of these toolboxes also have large user groups with bulletin boards or listservs.

  • MNE-Python: This suite contains a large python module. Despite the name "MNE", it includes numerous source localization algorithms including a beamformer. Utilizes OpenGL and graphics heavy modules including VTK and Mayavi. There is also an optional standalone MNE-C toolbox with an interactive GUI. Both packages make use of the Freesurfer MRI anatomical pipeline.
  • Fieldtrip: This is a open source toolbox that runs within Matlab. This is one of the most widely used tools for MEG analysis.
  • Brainstorm: Brainstorm is an open source GUI based toolbox developed at the Montreal Neurological Institute.
  • Nutmeg: Nutmeg is an open source Matlab toolbox.

Octave Class

Tom gave a short tutorial on switching from Matlab to Octave. Here are the class notes: Msppt.png Octave class (MS PowerPoint Presentation) This reflects versions 2.9.10 of Octave. Also, here are two sample scripts:

* Octave-logo.png  anything.m
* Octave-logo.png  mkmesh.m