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Building: 10 Floor: B1 Corridor: D Room: 65B

NIH Emergency Numbers

Fire/Ambulance/Police – call 911 from a campus phone or 301-496-9911 (from cell phone)
Chemical/Biological/Radiological Emergency – call 911 from a campus phone or 301-496-9911 (from cell phone)
Engineering (critical utility failure) – call 108		
Code Team Bldg 10 – Employee/Visitor Life Threatening Emergency – call 111 
Otherwise, report event to OMS:	
Occupational Medical Services: 10/6C306 301-496-4411 7:30am – 4:00pm)	
Crash/Code Cart is located in the Patient Prep Rm B1D304 – keypad code 1304*	
If room is in use, cart will be temporarily placed in the main corridor outside the Cardiac MRI Rm B1D713	
Emergency Eye Wash Station – Rm B1D302 & B1D304		
AED – located in the NMR Center main hallway, near MRI Office B1D69

Emergency Codes

  • “Code Red” indicates a fire related emergency.
  • “Code Blue” indicates a health related emergency.
  • “Code Yellow” indicates the hospital has activated its emergency plan.

NIH Non-Emergency Numbers

Fire Department – 301-496-2372	
Police – 301-496-5685	
Occupational Medical Service/ Work Related Injuries – 301-496-4411	
Maintenance 24/7 – 301-435-8000	
Housekeeping – 301-496-2417	
Facilities – 301-496-2862	

MEG Technical Problems

CTF MEG International Services, LP
Unit 7, 68 Schooner St	
Coquitlam, BC, Canada	
V3K 7B1	
8:00am to 5:00pm (Pacific Time)	
Customer Support: +1-866-585-6044 	
Emergency events – Email:  support@megservice.com