Degaussing Instructions

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Note: These are internal instructions for MEG Core Staff. If you are not MEG Core staff, you are welcome to educate yourself, but please do not attempt without supervision or direct instruction.


If a subject arrives with embedded metal on their person, i.e., a permanent retainer, which can not be removed it may be necessary to de-magnetize the subject.

DO NOT use the Degausser close to the computer monitors as it may permanently damage the screens.
The Degausser must NOT be used in the MSR.


  • Move to an area* away from all computer monitors (minimum of 3-4 feet.)
  • Plug in the Degausser and turn on.
  • Approach the subject, passing the Degausser in a circular motion in front of the area of interest 3 or 4 times, and then back away repeating the process.
  • Turn off and unplug the Degausser.

*Note: The current layout of the MEG lab does not have sufficient space to complete this procedure without permanent damage to the surrounding electronics. The best alternative is to perform this procedure in the NMR courtyard or an empty hallway.

Additional Comments

  • If used improperly you can magnetize your subject. If you are unsure about the degaussing procedure, ask for assistance from MEG staff before using the Degausser.
  • Similarly, it is recommended that the subject not have had an MRI within 1-2 days before having a MEG scan because of the possibility of residual magnetization.