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==Miscellaneous Documentation==
==Miscellaneous Documentation==
* SensLayout-275.ps — a color picture showing the sensor names and relative locations.
* [[Media:SensLayout-275.ps|SensLayout-275.ps]] — a color picture showing the sensor names and relative locations.
* SensLayout-275.pdf — the same but as a .pdf
* [[Media:SensLayout-275.pdf|SensLayout-275.pdf]] — the same but as a .pdf

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Policies and Procedures Manual

Policies and Procedures can be accessed by clicking on User Information. They comprise the official policies and procedures for the MEG lab. A full PDF document of the manual can be downloaded here [coming soon].

Quality Assurance Manual

This manual contains information on the MEG Core Facility Quality Assurance - Quality Improvement / Risk Management Program. These programs monitor and evaluate the quality of services provided in order to pursue opportunities for improvement. This manual is currently under development.


Here is some tutorial documentation that has been compiled as a complement to the information available on the website. Some of the topics are covered in more depth in these manuals, although the information on the website may be more current.

  • MEG Data Acquisition tutorial last updated 8/22/03 (.doc file, 59 MB) [update coming soon]
  • MEG Data Analysis tutorial last updated 8/13/03 (.doc file, 77 MB) [update coming soon]

How To Instructions

These are instructions or handouts which cover various different topics pertinent to the performance of MEG scans and/or data analysis.

  • MEG Fiducial Placement Instructions

Octave Class

Tom gave a short tutorial on switching from Matlab to Octave. Here are the class notes: octave_class2007.ppt. This reflects the 2.9.10 version of Octave. Also, here are two sample scripts: anything.m and mkmesh.m.

Miscellaneous Documentation