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The MEG community worldwide is a small one, with around 150 MEG laboratories. While there is a bi-annual conference, BioMag, there is no associated professional society, and no dedicated journal. Although there are smaller professional groups for clinical MEG, there is no broader group encompassing the entirety of MEG research. The MEG North America workshop was initiated in 2016 to provide an opportunity for North American research and clinical MEG labs to gather in the hopes of fostering collaboration.

Upcoming Meetings

The workshop alternates with the biannual BioMag meeting, therefore the next MEG North America Workshop will be in 2023. Stay tuned for a formal announcement!

Previous Meetings

2019 MEG North America Workshop and Hackathon

The 2019 MEG North America Workshop was held over November 7th and 8th, 2019, in Bethesda, MD.

The full 2019 program can be accessed here.

  • Keynote Speakers:

Stephanie Jones, Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Brown University
Svenja Knappe, Associate Research Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

  • 2019 Symposium Chairs:

Dr. Allison Nugent (Director, MEG Core Facility, NIMH, NIH)

Dr. Chris Baker (Chief, Section on Learning and Plasticity, NIMH, NIH)

  • Steering Committee:

Sylvain Baillet, PhD McGill University, McConnell Brain Imaging Center

Dimitrios Pantazis, PhD Martinos Imaging Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Timothy P. Roberts, PhD The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Julia M. Stephen, PhD The Mind Research Network