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Live cam of the MEG Core console (NIH access only)


Image updated every 5 minutes.

The main MEG lab phone number is (301)402-7847.

MEG Lab Computers

Windows and Mac Laptops and Desktops

Model NIH Decal NetBios Name Location End User
Dell OptiPlex 9010 01909617 MH01909617DT Room 3C210 Brad Zoltick
MacBook Pro 02030659 MH02030659MACLT Room 3C210 and home Brad Zoltick
Dell OptiPlex 9010 01938538 MH01938538DT Room B1D65B Judy Mitchell
Dell OptiPlex 9010 01936249 MH01936249DT Room B1D65B MEG Staff
Dell Precision 3500 01815156 MH01936249DT Room B1D65B MEG Staff

Linux Machines

Computer Operating System Location End User Fedora 27 Room 3C210 Brad Zoltick Fedora 27 Room B1D65A MEG staff