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For Workshop members without access to computing resources - Preconfigured Amazon Web Services servers can be used

Accessing compute resources on AWS:

Speak with Jeff Stout to get the current IP address and PEM key
${PATH} is the path to the PEM key provided to you

 ssh -X -i ${PATH}/AWS.pem ubuntu@IP_ADDRESS_PROVIDED

Jupyter Notebook Over a Remote Connection

1) Run one terminal to start the notebook:

 #If necessary: conda activate $CONDA_ENV
 jupyter notebook --no-browser --port=8887

2) Run another terminal to forward the port to your local machine
(Replace User and Remote_Host with the appropriate username and ip-address)

 ssh -N -L localhost:8888:localhost:8887 $USER@$REMOTE_HOST

3) In Firefox/Chrome/Etc - Log into localhost:8888
This will prompt you for a token

4) In the password/token column, copy the token created in the first terminal
(It should look like the below - only copy the portion after the token= )


Installed software
Human Neocortical Neurosolver

 #hnn is installed in the system level python >> may need to conda deactivate first

MNE python, Eelbrain, PyCTF

 conda activate workshop  (This environment has MNE, Eelbrain, and PyCtf installed)

CTF software

 singularity shell /opt/ctf/ctf.img
 singularity exec /opt/ctf/ctf.img $ctf_command

SAM version 5

 sam_cov ...
 sam_3d ...


 afni -dset $MRI_file

  1. Server Config
    1. google > fedora aws > select the AMI number for N.Virginia
    2. In AWS > launch instance > search for AMI number > (Under community) > Launch
  2. Determine an image (search for fedora in community)
  3. Create a keypair and download the key
    1. The download will be in the form of a .pem file
    2. We will need to distribute this key to the users
  4. Launch the instance
  5. Log into the instance using ssh

Conda installed Conda deactivate >> hnn Conda activate nih >> mne or eelbrain.....

  1. Freesurfer
  2. MNE python
  3. pyctf

Done # SAM v5

  1. Afni ###INSTALL ME neurodebian
  2. singularity ? >> CTF (need to use workstation version of fedora) << may need to compile for ubuntu or use 2.6
  3. Eelbrain (conda forge)
  4. Jupyter

Done# Forward sim HNN software

  1. FSL ###Install outside of neurodebian
  2. Brainstorm (compiled)

Matlab Based

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Fieldtrip