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This section contains information relevant to users of the MEG Core Facility.

Interested in starting an new MEG study?


Stimulus Presentation Software

PsychoPy: Psychology software in Python

PsychoPy is an open-source application allowing you run a wide range of neuroscience, psychology and psychophysics experiments. It’s a free, powerful alternative to Presentation™ or e-Prime™, written in Python (a free alternative to Matlab™ ).

Presentation: NeuroBehavioral Systems (NBS), Inc.

Presentation® is a stimulus delivery and experiment control program for neuroscience written for Microsoft Windows.

E-prime 3: Psychology Software Tools

E-Prime® 3.0 software for behavioral research. Build your own experiments using E-Prime’s easy-to-use graphical interface. Design, collect, and analyze data – all within a few hours!