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The "User" section of the website contains information relevant to the users of the MEG Core Facility, such as gaining access, descriptions of lab equipment, and so on. For analysis of MEG data, please see the Meg section.

  • Calendar instruction page

Policies and Procedures

These documents comprise the official policies and procedures for the MEG lab.

  • MEG Core Mission / Vision Statement

The Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Core Facility is a multi-user facility dedicated to providing resources for use by NIH Institutes and the Clinical Center. The mission of the MEG Core Facility is to provide all necessary support for Principal Investigators (PI) conducting research to successfully design and implement an MEG based project. This will usually include detailed experimental design discussion, software and hardware design and testing, training in data collection and system instruction, signal processing and data analysis.


The MEG Core Facility is dedicated to offering and providing state-of-the-art services. We will maintain excellence in the performance of magnetoencephalography research and will be recognized as a preeminent center for the performance of biomedical imaging research.


Hours of Operation

National Institute of Mental Health

MEG Core Facility
Hours of Operation
Policy No. 1.00

Date: 1/03
Revised 9/03; 6/06; 7/07; 10/08; 8/09; 1/12; 1/14; 1/15

Recommended By:
MEG Core Facility Staff

Distribution: MEG Core Facility

Policy: The MEG Core Facility hours of operation are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

1) Normal hours of operations 9:00-5:00 pm Monday - Friday. The MEG Core Facility staff will be available to assist users during normal hours of operation.
2) Users may schedule scans for after hours provided they have received training and are capable of operating MEG equipment in accordance with MEG policies and procedures.
After hours use authorization must be obtained from MEG Core staff.

Laboratory Access

National Institute of Mental Health

MEG Core Facility
Laboratory Access
Policy No. 1.05

Date: 1/03
Revised 9/03; 6/06; 7/07; 10/08; 1/12; 1/14; 1/15; 2/18

Recommended By:
MEG Core Facility Staff

Distribution: MEG Core Facility

Policy: The MEG Lab keyless entry system will be utilized for MEG lab access before, during or after normal lab hours.

1) MEG Users will be given the MEG Lab keyless entry code during the MEG Orientation Training class.
2) During Normal Hours of Operations- the MEG Lab may or may not be locked, however, if locked access may be gained / the door can be unlocked by using the access code.
3) After Normal Hours of Operations and on the weekends- the MEG Lab will be locked, however, access can be gained by using the keyless entry system.
4) All equipment, except for all computers (acquisition and workstation), must be powered off upon departure.
5) It will be the responsibility of the user to make sure the lab is locked upon departure.

Scheduling (2.00)


National Institute of Mental Health

MEG Core Facility
Scheduling Procedures
Policy No. 2.00

Date: 1/03
Revised 9/03; 6/06; 7/07; 10/08; 1/12; 1/14; 1/15; 2/18

Recommended By:
MEG Core Facility Staff

Distribution: MEG Core Facility

Policy: MEG scan time will be requested and scheduled electronically via the web-based calendar at: Scan time will be scheduled on a first-come -first served basis. All requests must be approved before going "live" on the public calendar. All unapproved time requests will appear in red. When a MEG schedule notification is received, an MEG administrator will be responsible for approving or denying the request. Users will auto matically receive an email message notifying them when their time has been approved.


I. Requesting Time -
1. Click on Login location near the bottom of the MEG Schedule/Calendar
2. Enter “Username” and “Password”;
3. Click on Login;
4. On the calendar - Click on the  at the day and time desired;
5. Enter the “Add Entry” form information –
a. Investigator’s Name - enter the last name of the PI / last name of the person who is going to run the scan (acquisition computer). For example - BERMAN / J. Mitchell. In this case Dr. Berman is the PI and Judy Mitchell is running the scan.
b. Description of experiment – provide a simple description
c. Comments - Use this field to enter any private comments, subject name / phone number or MIS number. Information in this box will not appear on the published calendar. Important: ::::This box is for confidential information.
d. Sensor position – Sitting or Supine
e. EEG electrodes – indicate whether EEG, EOG, EMG electrodes will be used
f. Date
g. Time
h. Duration – indicate how much time needed to complete your study. Please allow enough time for any possible delays (set up / prep time, subject late, equipment malfunction, etc.)
i. Hold approval – only use holds if your subject needs to get back with you to confirm the appointment. Appointments can only be held for 2-3 days.
j. Participants – DO NOT ALTER THIS FIELD (should always be admin for MEG staff who are doing the scheduling)
k. Repeat Type – if a recurring appointment enter here; however, check with Staff Scientist before scheduling any repeats!
l. Repeat End Date – *for recurring appointments only
m. Repeat Day (weekly) *for recurring appointments only
n. Frequency – for recurring appointments only
6. Click on “Save”.

II. To Edit or Cancel an Appointment –
a. Click on the login;
b. Enter User Name and Password;
c. Click on the entry to be changed (at the point where it gives the little popup detail description);
d. Click on option: Edit entry, Delete entry, Add to My Calendar, etc.
*Please note: you must be the owner to be able to edit or delete an entry in the schedule.
III. To Refresh the Calendar –
1. Click on My Calendar.