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Procedure for restarting the rack

There are two important power buttons

The button on the DSQ 3500 Electronics Control Console (EC Console) with the ring of light controls the power to the electronics rack. This light changes colors when the rack is powered up.
The Head Localization Unit (HLU) power box, on the top of the new rack, has a button with a light within it. Press this button to turn on and off the HLU unit.

There are times that the MEG electronics rack needs to be rebooted.

  • If the Acq starts with some noisy channels, usually restarting the Acq will make the noise go away, if not reboot.
  • If the HLU does not work, you must reboot the entire rack.

To restart (reboot) the electronics rack:
  1. First you must make sure the you have closed ACQ.
  2. Then power off the rack. Press the button on the EC console.
  3. Next you must power off the HLU box which is located on top of the new rack. Press it to turn off the HLU.
  4. Return to the console and power the rack back on.
  5. Wait about 10 seconds.
  6. Next, turn the HLU box back on.
  7. Now you can launch Acq.

*Please contact MEG staff for assistance if you are unable to resolve problem(s).