Time Frequency Analysis

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Time Frequency Analysis Tools

Time Frequency analysis are a useful way of determining where interesting things are happening in your data in time-frequency space. Typically, spatial information is discarded. One way of doing time-frequency analysis is through Stockwell analyses, although other methods are available.

  • ctf2st is a Matlab GUI for performing Stockwell time-frequency analysis. This can be performed on all sensors, a section of sensors, or on virtual sensors after source localization - download ctf2st.tgz. Unzip, and add both ctf2st and ctf2st/st to your Matlab path. You may need to recompile the mex files by typing make clean and make in the st subdirectory. A version recompobiled to work on the NIH Biowulf system is here: ctf2stBW.tgz.
  • StockwellDs.py performs Stockwell time-frequency analysis in Python. This is included in the pyctf distribution.