Subject Preparation: Tactile Stimulation

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The MEG Core has two types of tactile stimulators: the airpuff stimulator and the Galileo system.

Airpuff Stimulator


  • In MSR:
    • Attach airpuff device to channel 1,2, or 3 with medical tape.
    • Place on subject’s finger to demonstrate pressure and press the corresponding valve (1,2, or 3) on the airpuff box.
    • Remove and replace after the subject is situated in the helmet. (They will need their hands to hold the headpads in place.)
  • In Lab:
    • Connect Airpuff channel to ADC cable 1 or 4 at the airpuff box with a t-connector.
  • At the ADC box:
    • Connect the ADC cable (corresponding to the number you used above, 1 or 4) to D0 with a t-connector and attach a short BNC cable to channel 1 on the DSQ 3500 Electronics Control Console.

Note: ADC001 is the expected input for the HV Protocol. Your script may use ADC002. Be sure to confirm which input is expected by your scripts.

Galileo System

Brainbox Homepage

Instructions to be updated.

If you would like to use the Galileo system, please contact Amaia or Tom.