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== NIMH MEG Core Facility ==
== NIMH MEG Core Facility ==
Building 10 B1D65B, within the NMR Center<br>
National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Maryland
MEG lab phone number: 301.402.2445, 301.402.7847

[[File:IC184937 crop.jpg|thumb|left|Allison C. Nugent, Director]]
The main MEG lab phone number is (301)402–7847.
Dr. Allison C Nugent<br>
The lab itself is in Building 10, B1D65B in the NMR Center.

[[File:RICHARDSMALL.jpg|thumb|left|Richard Coppola]]
Dr. Richard Coppola<br>
Office: 10/3C 119<br>
Office: 10/2D49A<br>
Phone: (301)402–7345<br>
Phone: 301.451.8863<br>
email: nugenta@nih.gov<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
Fax: 301/480–7795<br>

email: coppolar@intra.nimh.nih.gov<br>
<gallery widths=250px heights=250px>
File:Tom.jpg|Tom Holroyd, PhD Staff Scientist<br>10/B1D65A<br>301.402.2362<br>tomh@nih.gov
File:STEVEROBINSONrecent.jpg|Stephen Robinson, PhD Staff Scientist<br>10/2D49 <br>301.496.6886<br>robinsonse@mail.nih.gov
File:Fred2.jpg|Frederick Carver, PhD Systems Analyst<br>10/2D49<br>301.402.2378<br>carverf@mail.nih.gov
File:Jeff.jpg|Jeff Stout, PhD Computer Systems Analyst<br>10/B1D65A<br>stoutjd@nih.gov
File:Amaia.jpg|Amaia Benitez Andonegui, Post-Doctoral Fellow <br> 10/2D49 <br> amaia.benitezandonegui@nih.gov
File:RyanOakeson.jpg|Ryan Oakeson, Pre-Doctoral Fellow<br> Graduate Partnerships Program <br> 10/2D49
File:AngelaWang.jpg|Angela Wang, Post-Baccalaureate IRTA <br>10/2D49
File:Namyst.jpg|Anna Namyst, Laboratory Manager<br>10/B1D65B <br>301.402.2445<br>anna.namyst@nih.gov
File:Mai-LyThompson.jpeg|Mai-Ly Thompson, Summer IRTA
File:ERaab_desk.jpg|Elaine Raab, Administrative Assistant<br>10/1D73<br>301.496.3591<br>raabe@mail.nih.gov
File:RICHARDSMALL.jpg|Richard Coppola, DSc Scientist Emeritus<br>10/3C103<br>301.402.7345<br>coppolar@mail.nih.gov

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NIMH MEG Core Facility

Building 10 B1D65B, within the NMR Center
MEG lab phone number: 301.402.2445, 301.402.7847

Allison C. Nugent, Director

Dr. Allison C Nugent
Office: 10/2D49A
Phone: 301.451.8863
email: nugenta@nih.gov