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Synthetic Aperture Magnetometry

The SAM software suite available here has been completely redesigned to incorporate numerous improvements in the analysis pipeline. Compared with older CTF tools, there are many new features (some of them experimental). Filtering options, more flexible control over active, control, and noise covariance matrices, dual-state imaging, realistic head models, and several flavors of multipole source imaging are available.

There is also a new workflow resulting from a more efficient separation of functionality. All the new programs are named using a sam_ prefix, so there will be no confusion. The old CTF tools are normally installed in /opt/ctf, while the new programs are generally copied into a user's $HOME/bin directory.

  • Download and unpack:
tar -xzvf SAMsrcV3-20170205.tgz
  • Examine the files in the config/ subdirectory, then run make. Binaries will be installed in the directory specified in the config/Makefile.config file, and defaults to the bin/ directory in the SAMsrcV3 directory. See also config/Makefile for a way to make symbolic links to a user's bin/ directory. Please contact Tom Holroyd] if you need additional assistance with installation.
  • Detailed documentation on the analysis suite is available Here