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==== Papers of Interest on Electromagnetism ====
==== Papers of Interest on Electromagnetism ====
=====Scattering Theory =====
=====Scattering Theory =====
[[Media:scattering_rough_surfaces.pdf|E&M Scattering from Rough Surfaces]]
[[Image:pdf.png]] [[Media:scattering_rough_surfaces.pdf|E&M Scattering from Rough Surfaces]]

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Helpful Links

  • Anyone interested in MEG should check out MEG Community, and join their mailing list.
  • AFNI is an essential tool for utilizing the SAM pipeline.
  • Freesurfer is another essential tool for incorporating anatomical MRI data in your analysis.

Python Programming in Neuroimaging

This site is the central repository for the current version of Python for your operating system. It is also the primary source for python documentation for the 2.x and 3.x versions of Python. The site has a useful beginner's guide and a collection of How-Tos on various topics for python developers.

Papers of Interest on Electromagnetism

Scattering Theory

Pdf.png E&M Scattering from Rough Surfaces