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DRAFT NIMH MEG Core Facility Return to Work Guidelines: Subject to change


These guidelines have been adapted from the overall NMR Center guidelines.

  1. Study teams must receive approval from their Clinical Director or designee for scanning.
  2. All persons in the lab should wear CC approved masks at all times and practice hand hygiene.
  3. Staff or study team members with more than 5 minutes of face-face interaction should wear a face shield.
  4. The MEG lab will be broken up into Zones, each person in the lab must stay in their assigned zone, in order to maintain physical distancing (2 meters) as much as possible.

If investigators plan to scan off-hours when core staff are not available, a study team member must have an in-person training session to learn MEG lab disinfection procedures before scanning. We will maintain a log of investigators who have been trained and are approved to scan.

Core facility staff or a study team member trained in disinfection procedures must be available to ensure proper infection control and disinfection procedures are followed.

These guidelines are provided for MEG Core Facility investigators and staff to minimize the risk of spread of SARS-CoV2 as subject/patient volume continues to increase during Group B of the NIH “return to physical work” framework. These guidelines are intended for scanning of asymptomatic subjects/patients who have been screened by the Clinical Center for symptoms of COVID-19 and recent exposures, or who have tested negative for COVID-19 according to Clinical Center testing guidelines. These guidelines are based on recommendations from the NMR Center Return to Work Committee and are similar to NIH CC Radiology Department guidelines for non-COVID-19 patients.

Patients with known COVID-19 disease should not be scanned in the MEG Core Facility.

NIH COVID Return to Physical Workspaces Guidance (updated July 2020) must be followed.

Investigators must follow NIH Clinical Center policies related to COVID