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== Previous Tutorials and Training ==
== Previous Tutorials and Training ==
*Eric Earl, Github Presentation and Discussion, 04/27/2022
*Eric Earl, Github Presentation and Discussion, 04/27/2022
**[https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15l6Pb6pUICPSsJi3shWLiAJNlCkngHi0fzht7FKeyqM/edit?usp=sharing Presentation Slides]
**[https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15l6Pb6pUICPSsJi3shWLiAJNlCkngHi0fzht7FKeyqM/edit?usp=sharing Presentation Slides] [https://slides.com/ericearl/gh-repo Advanced Github Features]
**Additional Links [https://slides.com/ericearl/gh-repo Test] [https://osf.io/xt6pk/ test2] [https://osf.io/qcyhu/ test3 ]
**Additional Links [https://osf.io/xt6pk/ ReadTheDocs] [https://osf.io/qcyhu/ BioDataClub OSF]
*Jeff Stout, Intro to Git, 04/12/2022 -
*Jeff Stout, Intro to Git, 04/12/2022 -
**[https://megcore.nih.gov/MEG/JeffStout_GitTutorial_04122022.mp4 Recording Download]
**[https://megcore.nih.gov/MEG/JeffStout_GitTutorial_04122022.mp4 Recording Download]

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Club MEG is our version of a journal club. We welcome NIH MEG researchers to lead discussions on any MEG topic, including interesting papers, experiment ideas, analysis techniques, or finding from your research.

Interested in presenting a topic? Email Fred Carver at carverf@nih.gov or Jeff Stout at stoutjd@nih.gov if you would like to present.

Notifications of upcoming talks are sent to the MEG_ANNOUNCE listserv.

Upcoming Talks/Discussions

Recent Talks/Discussions

Previous Tutorials and Training

Special Interest Groups

Machine Learning Special Interest Group (ML SIG) - 4th Friday of every month 1-2pm. Contact Jeff Stout for more information on joining or presenting.
Prior ML SIG topics:


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  2. https://github.com/hcps-ninds/Replay ANALYSIS CODE: Consolidation of human skill linked to waking hippocampo-neocortical replay
  3. Dash D, Ferrari P, Wang J. Decoding Imagined and Spoken Phrases From Non-invasive Neural (MEG) Signals. Front Neurosci. 2020;14:290. Published 2020 Apr 7. doi:10.3389/fnins.2020.00290
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