Brainsight Coregistration: OPM Rig Setup

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A model of the OPM sensor array, either with or without the reference sensors, can be imported into the Brainsight software.


  • Import the participant's nifti data and complete the preparation steps as usual (review slices, reconstruct skin model, set anatomical landmarks)
  • Proceed to "Targets" (this step is typically skipped under standard MEG applications).
  • On the upper lefthand side of the screen, click "New" and select "Trajectory" from the dropdown menu.
  • At the bottom left, select "Shape" and from that menu select "Other". This will allow you to select the OPM array .ply file from the file directory. Select either the bare array or the array with reference sensor fixture.
  • Rename your trajectory "OPM Array" or "OPM Array w/ Ref".
  • On the model of the participant, use your cursor to select your origin point. Click "Move Target to Crosshairs Origin".

As of 03/09/22, we have only worked out this point. Currently the array is being imported with a different orientation than the MRI data. Tom and Amaia are working on correcting this and further instructions will be recorded after that point.