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'''<big>UNDER CONSTRUCTION</big>'''<br>
'''<big>Analysis Introduction</big>'''<br>
'''<big>Analysis Introduction</big>'''<br>
1) Anatomical Processing<br>
1) Anatomical Processing<br>

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Analysis Introduction
1) Anatomical Processing
2) MEG Trigger Configuration
3) MEG Inverse Solution (SAM software)
4) Statistical Analysis

Data collection: Exact timing of the experiment can be provided in the data acquisition or a set of smaller trials can be provided

CTF Software: DataEditor -data $DATA

thresholdDetect - Detect changes in the analog inputs to determine onset of stimulus addmarkers - necessary to embed the stimulus timing into the CTF dataset

parsemarks - Combines markers (i.e optical and

newDs -f -filter processing.cfg

Anatomy Processing: The MRI processing starts with anat+orig.BRIK and anat+orig.HEAD format. The datasets are opened using AFNI

fiddist.py fiddist2.py - wrapper that accepts two inputs and provides the difference in distance (e.g. MRI and dataset)