2019 MEG Hackathon

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Welcome to the website for the 2019 MEG Hackathon, to be held November 7, 2019, in Bethesda, Maryland

The location will be at the FAES house, on the northwest of NIH, just OUTSIDE the security perimeter fence.

The hackathon will feature:

  • Live demonstrations and tutorials for the Human Neocortical Neurosolver software package
  • First look at the NIMH normative MEG dataset
  • Attendee driven projects - submissions close September 13
  • Cloud computing resources

Attendees are welcome to submit their own project ideas for the hackathon. Projects should be such that at least proof-of-concept results could be accomplished in a single day. Special ccnsideration will be given to projects that benefit the greater MEG community. Project proposals should be described on a single page and submitted as a PDF to: nihmegworkshop@gmail.com

Registration is free of charge - Please register NOW so that teams can be formed! Register on eventbrite now!